5th Conference of VINCENZ PRIESSNITZE (1. – 4.10.2009)



Thursday 1st Oct

15.00   Tour round the spa, introducing history and present

16.30   Conference opening, meeting of participants

16.45   Effectivness of therapy in Priessnitz spa, Mgr.Jakub Majetný (speaker Dr.Kubánek)

17.30   Opening of exposition „Past, present and future of Priessnitz spa“ (including photo visualisation of spa operation after reconstruction in April 2010

18.00   Dinner

19.30   Social evening (with cimbalom music and wine testing)

22.00   end of program


Friday 2nd Oct

09.00   speech of mayor of polish town Glucholazy

09.20   Faculty of physical training and physiotherapy of Polytechnika in Opole – its place within the physiotherapist educational system in European Union structures - Prof. PO dr hab. Jan Szczegielniak

09.40   Development of hydrotherapy in spa Bad Ziegenhals (Głuchołazy) at  the turn of 19th and 20th century - Dr Mariusz Migała

10.00 Revitalization of spa park in Głuchołazy based on project „Heritage of V.Priessnitz at czech-polish frontier - Mgr Piotr Chrobak

10.30    Discussion + Coffee break

11.00   Priessnitz and Reinhold´s Gräfenberg -  MUDr.Grünner Oldřich,CSc

11.15   Foreign visitors in czech spas in years 2000-2008  -  prof.RNDr.Arnošt Wahla,Csc.

11.45   History and present of spa Hodonín – prim.MUDr.Alena Sojková                                          

12.15   New views at known diagnosis -  ing.O. Morávek,  Doc. MUDr. D. Jandová

12.45   Discussion

13.00   Lunch

13.30-14.00 cimbalom music – short performance at Priessnitz hall

14.00   Transformations in Priessnitz spa in second half of 20th century – Dr. Alois Kubík

14.30   Electrotreatment and transcerebral magnetic stimulation –  return to proven treatment? –   prim.MUDr.Jaroslav Novotný

15.30   How and why is spa therapy effective?  prof.Karagülle – president of ISMH

16.30   Coffee break

16.45   Treatment of metabolic disorders in Priessnitz spa  - prim.MUDr.Milena Gojová                       

17.15   Role of military spa in process of elimination some risk factors at air service of czech military pilots -  MUDr.Ján Capko

18.00   Discussion

18.15   end of lectures

20.00   Ceremonial evening (award for contribution in field of balneology, dancing show, music)

22.30   end of program



Saturday 3rd Oct

09.30   Su Jok – chance for patient to participate on his recovery -  MUDr.Viktorija Biljaková,CSc.

10.00   Coffee break

10.15   Gräfenberg and electromagnetic field  - MUDr.Grünner Oldřich,CSc.

10.45   Phototherapy during treatment of depressive disorder – prim.MUDr.Jaroslav Novotný

11.15   Schizophrenia and Alzheimer´s disease – what they have in common?    prof. RNDr. Richard Hampl.Dr.Sc.

11.45   Diagnostics and treatment of autonomic nervous system functioning during complex spa treatment  - MUDr.Milada Sárová,   PaeDr.Petr Kolísko,PhD.

12.15 Disscussion

13.00   Lunch

14.00   Off-road kinetic treatment withing balneology, effects and new trends – PaeDr. Petr Kolísko,PhD.

14.30   Changes of selected laboratory parameters at newly diagnosed schizophrenics after atypical antipsychotic treatment – RNDr.Marie Bičíková

15.00   New possibilities of reading datas of thyreologic epidemiology using GIS -                                                                                                      MUDr. Jiří Němeček

15.30   Radium isotope of thermal mineral water in Karlovy Vary: balneology and genetic interpretation - Viktor Goliáš, Radek Procházka, Tomáš Vylita, Zdeněk Řanda, Zdeněk Třískala,Veronika Kočárníková, Jiří Bruthans

16.00   Coffee break

16.15   Reception of natural radionuclids during balneologic water method: assignation of portion for test case of thermal water from Karlovy Vary -  Zdeněk Třískala,Viktor Goliáš

16.45   Geomedicinal interpretation of tyreological epidemiology datas by the help of  pomocí geoinformatory systems: geological and environmental influences - Jiří Grundloch, Karel Martínek, Jiří Němeček, Viktor Goliáš

17.15   Discussion

18.00   Dinner

19.00   Gala evening (celibration of 210th anniversary of V.Priessnitz, concert, dancing)

02.00   end of program


Sunday 4th Oct

09.00   Traditional regenerative group excercise as the conclusion of conference

14.00   Promenade Sunday concert with majorettes