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EAGLE 2 has launched!

A hír kategóriája: Általános

A cikk kelte: 2024.02.12.


EAGLE 2 has launched!

Following on from publication of your EAGLE study last year, we are pleased to announce the launch of EAGLE 2.

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EAGLE 2 will be a snapshot audit of patients undergoing right sided bowel anastomosis, but restricted to units who undertake the EAGLE online training. This training may have already been done (as part of the first EAGLE study), or surgeons in your team may complete it between now and May 2024. A key finding from the EAGLE study was that in centres where most surgeons undertook the training, the anastomotic leak rate fell by almost 50%. We need your help to grow engagement across as many hospitals as possible, so we can validate this finding. EAGLE 2 will be open to hospitals who participated in the original EAGLE study as well as new hospitals.

Units who undertake the EAGLE online training (either as part of ’EAGLE’ or between now and May 2024) prior to data collection can take part. The anticipated audit period will be May/June 2024. Results will be presented at ESCP 2024 in September, and published later this year.

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If you have any questions, please contact us.